Below are some of the commonly used forms for Stonebridge Ranch Commercial Association members and applicants.

Effective, March 8, 2016, The Stonebridge Ranch Commercial ARC meetings will be hosted at the CMA Allen office located at 1301 Central Expressway South, Suite 125, Allen, TX 75013. You can find the form for new construction, modifications, signs and banners below on the Commercial Development Application link below.

Application fee of $250 is due at time of submittal and can be paid via check or credit card. Banners and temporary signs have no fee due. Appeal fee is $200. Possible $100 fee may be charged in advance to meet with committee.

Completed applications and required supporting documentation are due by the Friday before the Tuesday meeting. Committee will meet every other Tuesday. Check with Lizzie Stoddard to confirm the date of the next meeting.

Please do not leave any application, supporting documents, architectural drawings, or construction material samples at Stonebridge Ranch office. Deliver to the CMA Allen office ONLY.

If you are seeking any type of permit for CONSTRUCTION, STRUCTURAL CHANGES, SIGNS, ETC.,
Please use the form below:

Additional forms you may find useful to view and/or download below:

Change of Address Form

Commercial Structure Guidelines

Sign Specifications Guidelines



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